Finding Christ In The Bible

By Michael Gilbert

January 28, 2007

“Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me” (John 5:39)

Oh, what a wonderful effect it would have if our brotherhood began searching the Scriptures again!

The Jews were fond of letting people know that they had been given the Scriptures (Matt. 23:5). However, salvation is not found in the mere possession of the Scriptures. Rather, salvation is found in the man about whom the Old and New Testaments were written – Jesus Christ.

Every Scripture, in one way or another, speaks of our Savior. This is why a knowledge of the Old Testament is just as important as a knowledge of the New. We know the New Testament speaks of Christ, so let’s note a few places where the Old Testament speaks of our Savior.

Gen. 3:15 – He is the seed of woman
Ex. 12:11 – He is the passover lamb
Lev. 8-9 – He is our Hight Priest
Num. 20:11 – He is the Rock
Deut. 18:15 – He is the coming Prophet

We could go through every book of the Old Testament and find pictures of our Savior.

In fact, if one truly desires to know Jesus, he will spend as much time looking for Him in the Old Testament as he does in the New Testament.




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