A question about Homosexuality

Someone recently asked me about homosexuality. I wanted to share our correspondence with you. The name of my friend has been removed for privacy…


—– Original Message —–

Hey Michael,

This is ____. I am taking a speech class and we were discussing gay rights. I know it’s wrong, but I had a couple of questions, and I was hoping maybe you could answer them for me. My first question was, someone said that churches in Massachusets were not allowing gay couples to be married in their church. Is that right? Second, where in the bible does it say that this is wrong? I have heard it was in the bible for a long time, but I haven’t actually seen it for myself. Finally, are people who are gay sinning, just because they are this way? I was a little confused as to these questions, and I was hoping you maybe had an answer for me. I appreciate it.”

Here was my response…


Sorry for the delay in answering your question…all 3 of us have been sick this past week. I should have replied the day I got the email (sorry). As far as the churches in Massachusetts…I don’t know b/c I haven’t heard anything from that part of the country. If they are not allowing this, then that is commendable for the churches. The Bible never mentions “gay marriage” by name, but in Genesis 2:18-24, God designed marriage to be between one man and one woman…and this for life. In Romans 1:21-27, the apostle Paul strongly condemns the practice of homosexuality. Many other passages teach this as well. As to your question “are people who are gay sinning”…I would refer you to again to Romans 1:21-27. In addition, we know the practice of homosexual sex is wrong…however, we all know those guys who are more feminine acting than most guys, and those women who are more masculine than most other women. How should we view these people? Just because certain people exhibit these traits does not make them a homosexual…and these people (even if they have homosexual desires) are forbidden by God from acting on these desires. Some people genuinely struggle with the sin of homsexuality…their desires are strong…but God tells them to control those desires just as He tells “straight” people to control their sexual desires. Any person who has homsexual tendencies and desires needs to seek help to overcome this. Nobody is “born that way”. Homosexuality is learned, most often at a very early age and it often directly relates to the early homelife of the individual.

Hope this helps, you might find these articles useful…



Click here for search results for “homosexuality” on apologeticspress.org

Michael Gilbert


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