Memphis School of Preaching Lectureship

What a great week it has been so far! I have been at the Memphis School of Preaching Lectureship this week and all the lessons have been outstanding!

The fellowship has been great…my parents were able to come to the Lectureship for the first time this year. I think they really enjoyed it, especially since they got to spend a lot of time with their grandson, J.M! Unfortunately, they could not stay the whole week. They left on Tuesday morning and headed back to East TN. I am so thankful they were able to attend the Lectureship this week…and I am thankful they were able to see my boy take a few steps! Dad really worked hard to help J.M. walk!

Some great things are happening at the Lectureship this week…

Brother Bobby Liddell Becomes MSOP Director

For the last few years, brother Curtis A. Cates has spoken of stepping down as director of the MSOP. However, each time he mentioned this, all his friends, students, faculty, and elders at Forest Hill have urged him to reconsider. This year he finally got his way and he passed the mantle to a faithful and able Christian, Bobby Liddell. I believe the school is in good hands with brother Liddell at the helm. He is true to God’s Word, mindful of the great commission, serious about fulfilling 2 Timothy 2:2, and under his capable directorship the MSOP will continue on the same path it has trod the last 40 years. God bless the work of the Memphis School of Preaching, the eldership at Forest Hill, and all the students past and present.

Renewing Old Friendships

The week of Lectureship has always been a great time of fellowship, and this year has been no different.

I got to spend some time with Scott Ferguson, and his wife Lori. They have a 13-month old boy named Jude, and he just smiled when he saw me. He is a great looking boy. I learned that Scott’s father will become the second preacher where Scott preaches and this should be a wonderful opportunity for a father/son team to preach the gospel!

I also got to see Mike Morgan, Mike Hisaw, David Williams, Patrick Morrisson, and Greg Balentine.

Elizabeth and I spoke with Greg and Jackie Balentine for a long time last night and we are planning on visiting them soon! They are only about 2 hours from us! We will also see them at Camp Ida this summer! I had a great class and really enjoy spending time with all my former classmates!

Michael Gilbert


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