More from the MSOP Lectureship

Yesterday’s lectures were outstanding! I got to hear brother Keith Mosher preach on “Victory over death and the grave” and I got to read his chapter in the lectureship book. He has a way of making a person think and he can bring the text alive. He actually believes what he preaches and that makes all the difference.

Last night, Paul Sain of Pulaski, TN preached and he always does an outstanding job.

Tuesday night we heard brother Tom Holland preach and it was a masterpiece as always. He preached from 1 Cor. 15:1ff.

You can listen to the archived lectures by clicking here.

It is wonderful to hear the Word of God preached in its simplicity. At the Memphis School of Preaching you don’t have to worry about liberalism or radicalism. The fundamentals of the Gospel are taught and respected at the Memphis School of Preaching.

Michael Gilbert


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