Polishing the Pulpit 2007

September 9, 2007

by Michael Gilbert

In thinking about our great week at “Polishing the Pulpit“, it occurred to me that some who might be interested in what Elizabeth and I studied and learned were absent and missed my “summary” of the program.

The days were long, but refreshing, with most days beginning at 8am and ending around 10pm. Included below is just a sampling of the great themes we studied…we want the congregation to know that our education in the Gospel is not complete just because we “have a preaching position”. A special thanks go to the elders for investing in the future of this congregation by sending the preacher and his wife to “Polishing the Pulpit”.

We will always strive to improve our ability to serve God’s children in the kingdom, and we encourage you to do the same!

Here are a few things that Elizabeth studied in the Preachers’ Wives’ Classes

“Mary Heart, Martha Brain: Is it Right to Expect Martha to Sit on Her Hands and Listen While the Bread is Burning?” by Cindy Colley

“Why Should I Study the Bible…I’m a Woman.” by Cindy Colley

“The Unmentionables – Dancing, Social Drinking, Modesty, Public Swimming, Smoking” by Kathy Pollard

“Stand by Your Man: 8 Ways to Encourage Him” by Tracie Shannon

“Do I Have to Pray for Her? Here Are the Benefits When You Do” by Sheila Butt

“Parenting Our Girls to Evangelism” by Cindy Colley


Here a few things that Michael studied in the Preacher’s sessions

“The Future of the Church is Bright Because…” by Alan Highers

“Ministerial Ethics: A Legal Perspective” by Matt Vega

“Restoration Studies: Anecdotes, Characters, and Lessons from Restoration History” by Alan Highers

“Raising Our Boys To Be Real Men” (3-part series) by Glen Colley

“Getting the Gospel to a Whole Family” by Johnnie LeMaster

“Hit by Friendly Fire: What to do When Christians Hurt You” by Tom Holland

“Preacher’s Kids That Turned Out Right: What Did Your Parents Do That Worked Right?” by several veteran preachers and their faithful sons.

Finally, everyone listened to a series of lessons each morning called…

“The Church Leader’s Marriage: A Study of the Song of Solomon 1-8” by David Shannon (4-part series)

ch. 1-3: “The Art of Love Between Man and Woman”

ch. 4,7 :”The Art of Honeymoons and Romance”

ch. 5-6: “The Art of Conflict”

ch. 8: “The Art of Commitment”

Elizabeth and I greatly missed all of you during the week (and we even missed our son as well!). Thanks for the support you have given us as we seek to be better servants for Him.

(for anyone interested, these lessons and many more can be ordered online by clicking here)



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