That Desoto Valedictorian Speech

by Charles Hodge (written in 1995)

The media went bonkers again in Dallas.  The Valedictorian of Desoto High dared to bring up God and His Bible in her speech at commencement.  The principal flat-out said, “No.”  Only a threatened lawsuit changed that.  Then they asked her to re-write and tone it down.  She did not.  The speech was made…I have a copy of it.

This, again, demonstrates that Christianity is under attack.  She could quote Buddha, Confucius, Shirley MacLaine—but not God!  Others have free speech—Christians don’t!  Some frightening observations: 1)  Christians (yes, us) are more into tolerance than truth. Even Christians were ashamed. Truth has been sold out for  popularity, acceptance.  2)  The speech was evangelistic. Perhaps even my wisdom would have changed it!  Then it hit me!  We have lost our aggressiveness.  We are totally passive, defeated.  The early church was militant!  We are trying to be religious without being too religious!

The media would have shouted “Courage” when abortionists, homosexuals, radicals, feminists, etc. “Shove it into our faces.”  They whine when a little “Christian Girl” discussed her faith, priorities.  The world is not listening to the church because the church is not talking!  We have ceased preaching, confronting.  Pulpits are silent; churches are withering and dying…someone needs to “rattle our cage.”

God is offensive; Christ is offensive; The cross is offensive; Truth is offensive; Preaching is offensive; The Bible is offensive.

Wake up, church! Before our church houses become our tombs!  Don’t settle for “life-support Christianity” when we can be evangelistic!


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One Response to That Desoto Valedictorian Speech

  1. The fact of the matter is that God, Jesus, the cross, truth, preaching and the bible ARE offensive when no one is asking for any of it to be shoved in their faces. The problem is that it constantly is. Whether it be by Jehovas Wittnesses, Mormons, or whatever other religious fanatics who like to go knocking door to door. I am an atheist. I don’t go knocking on Christians doors telling them they need to reject a god that doesn’t exist. I let them be happy living their lives believing their lies. I expect the same courtesy, but am not afforded it. Sadly, you are free to have your beliefs no matter how oppressed you may think you are. People are just tired of the ——–.

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