We Want Preachers – Not Preaching


by Charles Hodge

Figure that one out! Sectarians go months – years with an interim pastor before “hiring” their preacher. Brethren panic in  few weeks. Without any authority we “MUST” have a preacher. Preachers are “in”…however, preaching is “out”. The last thing we want a preacher to do is “preach”. We really don’t want a message from God by a man of God. We don’t want a man who profoundly knows/loves the Word to upset us on Sunday.

So, we buy “image” – we hire the “next star” in our brotherhood. He looks like a king (Samuel with Eliab). He is nice, can be popular. We can “show him off”. He is equally harmless. He will not “rock the boat”, “rattle the cage”. He is expected to grow our church, but without any changes in us being made.

The last thing we want is “preaching”. “Don’t preach to me”. “You sounded preachy this morning, preacher”. “Our culture will not listen to preaching”. That is a relic of ages past. Entertain us. Three stories and a joke. Tickle our ears. Make us feel good. Do it within 15 minutes. Make it short and sweet. By the way, don’t expect us to return Sunday P.M. to hear preaching. Better still – cut preaching out totally. Try some skits, have some drama.

By all means make what little preaching we have positive. Nothing negative. Preacher…we want you…we might even pay you well. We want you to be one great preacher! Be a preacher – just don’t preach!


About dekalbcoc

Local preacher for the DeKalb Church of Christ
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