Children’s Bible Hour

Three CrittersChildren’s Bible Hour provides an age-appropriate interactive Bible study for our youngsters. Puppets will teach the children life lessons! Bible characters will visit from the past! There are so many things to learn about Jesus through the activities in Bible Hour! Through singing, puppets, crafts, and games, we hope to give your children enthusiasm for learning about God and His Word! All children 2 years old through the fifth grade are invited to join us! Bible Hour occurs every Sunday night from 6:00-7:00pm, with a group devotional beforehand. A separate Bible study for adults and teens is also provided at this time. We hope to see you there!Tony & Tia
Previously in Bible Hour:
Previously, we heard the story of the birth of Jesus.  The puppets who came to visit told us about the wonderful gift that God had given us by sending his Son.  We used baking soda and vinegar to show how the shepherds were bursting with joy to tell the news about Jesus, and we had a birthday party with candles and cupcakes to celebrate Jesus’ birth.  Then we all went fishing for a prize!  Come back to Bible Hour this week to hear more stories about Jesus!

Leslie & Leroy

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